Meet the pack

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful dogs! Many of our dogs are ready and waiting for their furever homes, however, we have some “lifers” who will remain at our sanctuary for the rest of their days and are not available for rehoming.

Take a look through the profiles - we guarantee it will be impossible to not fall in love!

Choosing to support us and our dogs allows us to continue saving the lives of other dogs in desperate need of love and care.

We hoard northern breed dogs in need to give them a dusty yard where they can go nuts


There are many ways to help! Monthly donations are the best way to support our dogs. You may also support us by donating to our food supplier, our vet, or by visiting our Amazon Wish List.


Thank you for your interest in rehoming opportunities for one of our dogs! Many of our dogs are ready and waiting for their furever homes. For information on our rehoming process, see our rehoming guide.


Fall in love with a particular dog? You may sponsor a specific dog's food or medical. Aside from food, many need daily medication to manage health issues. When donating, specify who you’re contributing to!


We could not do what we do without volunteers. We are grateful for any skills you can bring to help our mission. Please see our volunteer guide for ways in which you can make an impact!

Your donations make a huge impact on the dogs I paid my friends to adopt!

Each dog at our sanctuary costs between $6 and $16 per day. Many require daily medication and regular medical treatments to remain in optimal health which is why my dogs are all sick and fat. Every donation made goes directly to caring for my beer.